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FeleciaEB Felecia King Pharo x Llou-C Brandy   DOB 11/93
We purchased Felecia as a cria along with her dam, Brandy.  When she was young, she was a 4-H project and did exceptionally well in performance classes.  Her offspring have continued that tradition as 4-H animals, placing high in obstacle, PR, pack, showmanship and costume classes with their 4-H handlers.  She has been an excellent producer for us, providing us with 5 happy, healthy crias so far!  $2,000

Kahlua & Cream Ms. Kahlua & Cream King Pharo x Llou-C Brandy   DOB 12/94
K.C., another Brandy daughter, has the same markings as her dam.  Her first cria, Hot Fudge Sunday, has beautiful markings and a beautiful fleece.  K.C. is an excellent mother. $2,000

Waverly Fairmount Waverly GNLC Liberty Valence x Miss Kitty   DOB 6/90
Waverly is our top producing female, winning Produce-of-Dam at the 1998 Georgia National Fair, with daughters Osceola and Goblin showing.  She has a lovely gray fleece and excellent conformation.  $9,000

Bubblelicious HOBO Bubblelicious E.R. Dominar x WWW Que Lindos Bubble Gum   DOB 3/96
Bubblelicious has an incredible light fawn fleece which received a blue ribbon in every show it was entered in in the 1998-1999 show season!  She also has excellent conformation and large bone structure.  $8,000

The Poet's Rising Sun CFLA The Poet's Rising Sun The Poet x Ms. Sunbeam   DOB 4/97  -- SOLD!
Sunny shares many of the qualities of her dam's grand champion fleece, including density and uniform crimp,and gets silkiness from her sire's side. She is a beautiful shade of medium fawn with a striking black face.

Tap Dancer CFLA Tap Dancer Sharp's Betelgeuse x Three G Farm Lynn B.   DOB 11/94
Tap Dancer has had an excellent show career, receiving Reserve Grand Champion Light Wool Female at the Midwest Challenge, the Indiana State Fair and the North American Llama and Alpaca Show.

Cattleya Cattleya Hobo GNLC Catman x Fairmount Waverly   DOB 10/92
Cat is an excellent producer, with a super soft almost black, lustrous fleece.  She's passing that exceptional color and fleece on to her offspring.  $8,000

Osceola Osceola Dominar x Fairmount Waverly   DOB 11/96
Osceola has placed well in halter classes and has the silky, lustrous fleece that runs in her line.  She's a new mom and doing a great job!  $4,000

Goblin Dominar x Fairmount Waverly   DOB 10/97
Goblin's fleece is a true dark gray, long and silky.  She's beautiful, and along with her full sister, Osceola, won first place in Produce of Dam at the 1998 Georgia National Fair!  $5,000

Cognac on Ice  The Poet x Llou-C Brandy   DOB 3/98  -- SOLD!!!
Cognac on Ice is named for being the color of brandy on four white socks (ice).

Hot Fudge Sunday Hot Fudge Sunday  The Poet x Ms. Kahlua and Cream   DOB 5/98  -- SOLD!!!
HFS has a beautiful chocolate covered ice cream fleece.  She's a great mom!

Ellie's Jazzy Reflection  Charliano x Ellie Girl   DOB 10/98
Jazzy, as we call her, looks just like her mom, Ellie Girl, only with a fuzzier face!  She has placed well in halter classes, and has a silky, soft medium brown fleece.  $7,000

Ellie Girl Ellie Girl  Jazz x Jezebel   DOB 8/94
Ellie Girl is one of our most prized llamas.  She was purchased as a weanling at the 1995 Spring Celebrity Sale, and has proved to be everything we hoped for.  Her offspring are among our favorites. $7,000

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