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Llama Fleece Awards

Alpacas are prized for their luxurious fiber. Their fiber comes in 22 natural colors, more than any other fiber bearing animal.  The colors range from white to true black, with shades of fawn, red, brown and gray in between.  Alpaca fiber also readily accepts dye, allowing for a spectacular range of color possiblilties. Known for its fineness, soft hand, crimp and luster, alpaca fiber is truly luxurious, desired by handspinners and commercial mills worldwide.  Most people find they can wear alpaca garments next to their skin, even those that are sensitive to sheep's wool.

Our llamas also produce wonderful fiber that shares many of the same characteristics as alpaca fiber.  Since llamas were not originally bred for fiber production, each animal's fleece tends to be unique.  While most llamas have a double coat, consisting of guard hair and a soft, downy undercoat, our breeding program is geared toward producing single-coated llamas with the highest quality fleeces.

Our llama and alpaca fibers have won numerous awards, including Spinners' Choice, People's Choice, Best Hand, Best Luster, and Finest Fiber, as well as blue ribbons at the National AOBA Conference, the Georgia National Fair, the North American Llama and Alpaca Show, the Middle Tennessee Llama and Alpaca Show, the Indiana State Fair, and the Southeastern Alpaca Fall Fest.

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We produce high quality fibers for the discriminating handspinner.  We have raw or washed fiber and rovings of all colors available for sale.  Contact us for current prices and availability.

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