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Black is "in" at Castetter Farms!  We now have many black females to choose from.  We also have white, fawn, brown, multi-colored and grey.  Take a look below at some of our exceptional females!  Don't see what you're looking for? We may have it, or know someone who does! All of Castetter Farms' females are ARI Registered and come with a full reproductive guarantee and live cria guarantee on bred females.  Our 3-for-1 program means that the next breeding to any eligible Castetter Farms herdsire is free with the purchase of any bred female!

JLA Chanel JLA Chanel SA Huckleberry x SA Enchanting Night   DOB 2/91
Chanel was the first alpaca we purchased, and she has become an excellent producer for us.   She has produced several crias in varying shades of fawn, gray and black.  Her crias have not required any supplementation and they have performed exceptionally well in fleece, halter and performance classes.  A proven producer!  $18,000

Fermata Fermata SA Sterling x JLA Chanel   DOB 8/94
Fermata was the first alpaca born on our farm.  She has produced several crias for us, and is an excellent mother.  Her beautiful dark coffee colored fleece exhibits excellent hand, crimp and luster, and she is passing these traits to her offspring.  Her first daughter Crescendo has placed first in halter and performance classes. $22,500

Crescendo CFLA Crescendo Fantasy's Kerry Ro x Fermata   DOB 11/97
Crescendo had her first cria in May 2001, and has been producing steadily for us since then.  Her most recent achievement is a second place ribbon in the 2003 AOBA Handcrafters Spin-Off! She placed first in halter and obstacle classes at the 1998 Southeastern Alpaca Fall Fest, and her fleece received 2nd place at the 1999 AOBA fleece show.  She has an easygoing disposition, and has been a 4-H project, receiving extensive training.  Crescendo has an impressive pedigree, including many of the foundation herdsires of the US alpaca industry.  She is an excellent mother, too! $22,500

Vashti Arcuta's Jackpot x Viola  DOB 4/16/00
This is a wonderful black female!  She has it ALL!  Great conformation.  Fiber that's loaded with expression and the "look" of a great alpaca, Phenotype galore! $25,000

Bailee Bailee Arcuta's Jackpot x Chislluma's Black Dyamond DOB 10/4/99
Half-sister to Vashti, Bailee is another fairly recent arrival at Castetter Farms. She has an excellent show record, both in halter and fleece classes. She has also proven to be an excellent mother.  She will be bred back to the Castetter Farms herdsire of your choice for a 3-in-1 package.  $25,000


  Maybelline CFLA Maybe It's Maybelline Stoneybrook Bud x JLA Chanel  DOB 4/01
A real winner! Maybelline placed 2nd at the 2003 AOBA National Show! She is medium silver gray with a white tuxedo.  Her sire is multiple blue ribbon winning Stoneybrook Bud, owned by Roger and Andrea Van Rekom of Shear Joy Alpacas. She has a long history of gray and black in her lineage.  She placed fourth in halter class at the 2002 AOBA National Show and first in obstacles!  Her calm and easygoing manner are the icing on the cake!  $35,000   

  Pizacatti CFLA Syncopated PizzacattiStorm Cat x CFLA Crescendo   DOB 4/01
Syncopated Pizzacatti placed 2nd in full-fleece halter at the 2003 AOBA show!  She is maroon and full of spirit! Her lustrous, crimpy fleece is also extremely soft! $17,500

Twinkle ToesTwinkle Toes Storm Cat x Belinda - Culco  DOB 6/99
Twinkle Toes will be bred to the Castetter Farms herdsire of your choice, and bred back for a 3-in-1 package.  $10,000


Young Females

CFLA Moonlight Sonata MFI Peruvian Black Mesquite x CFLA Crescendo DOB 6/02
Moonlight Sonata was born on June 7, 2002.  She placed 5th in her first show, the 2003 AOBA National! She is extremely black, dressed up with a white ascot and a white rose in her hair!  She represents four generations of breeding for excellence at Castetter Farms.  Her sire, owned by Magical Farms, has won many blue ribbons at major shows across the country.  Watch her as she grows!  Introductory price:  $20,000

Dream Maker CFLA Dream Maker Titanic x Pperuvian Vicky  DOB 4/02
She's got great looks and conformation! Her dam is our white full Peruvian Vicky and her sire, Titanic, is a handsome grey alpaca owned by Hutton's Hoosier Llamas.  We're looking forward to a great future with this little lady!  Sells with a breeding to your choice of our Castetter Farms herdsires when she's mature enough.  $14,000 

Strike A Chord CFLA Strike A Chord Fantasy's Kerry Ro x Fermata DOB 9/02
We have been so pleased with our Crescendo that we repeated the breeding that created her. Strike A Chord was the result, and she looks just like her big sister!  $15,000

Velvet and Lace CFLA Velvet and Lace Snowmass Millenium x Vashti DOB 8/02
Millenium daughter! She's a gorgeous fawn out of a black dam and white sire, with well-defined crimp all the way to the tips of her fine, dense fleece! $25,000

Vicky and Jose's Spring '03 cria CFLA Giedra  Jose of Harmony Wools x Pperuvian Vicky DOB 5/03
This girl is 3/4 Peruvian, 1/4 Bolivian and has great looks! She's got her dam's Peruvian fineness, and color from her true black sire, Jose! Introductory price $14,000.

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