Andean Blizzard and Cadenza

Our interest in alpacas grew from their initial appeal, their gentle nature, and their investment potential.  We have since fallen head over heels in love with alpacas, their fiber and the lifestyle they offer.  Alpacas are environmentally friendly animals that have soft pads on their feet that don't tear up their pastures.  They are economical to keep, requiring little acreage and minimal supplemental feed.  They are extremely hardy animals, seldom requiring veterinary care.

Being small breeders allows us to pay individual attention to our animals, and all receive extensive handling and training when they are young.  Our 4-H program pairs youth ages 8-16 with a llama or alpaca of their choice, and the relationship they develop is quite impressive!  Our kids and alpacas perform extremely well in the show ring in halter and performance classes.

We pay particular attention to producing top quality fiber for handspinners.  Our fleeces consistently place in the top of their classes, often winning blue ribbons as well as special awards for luster, hand and fineness.

At Castetter Farms, we have been raising alpacas since 1993.  Although our main focus is breeding for the best in fine, crimpy fiber, we also are breeding for excellent conformation and mothering ability.  We have bred females, maiden females, and stud potential and companion males for sale, and also offer reasonably priced breeding services.  All of our animals are registered with the Alpaca Registry, Inc. (ARI) and breeding quality animals are sold with a full reproductive guarantee.

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