Luv-A-Lot Lama 4-H Club

Castetter Farms is the home of the Luv-A-Lot Lama 4-H Club of Clark County, Indiana.  The meetings begin in February each year, and go through November.  During that time the youth learn about llamas and alpacas and train their chosen animal for the show season.  Most of the youth lease their animals for the show season, although a few have purchased their own.  The youth soon learn how to be totally responsible for the care and health needs of their companion.  They become involved in routine care such as grooming, toenail trimming, and even giving shots for vaccinations and worming.

The Clark County requirements for completing the 4-H project are participating in the Clark County Fair Llama and Alpaca 4-H Show, preparing a poster on a relevant topic and completing a manual.

The club meets twice a week for two hours each time.  We share information that helps us all to do things the safest way and be the best prepared for the show that we can be, enabling everyone (parents included!) to have a good time!  Other activities we are involved in are taking the animals to nursing homes, schools, vacation Bible schools, hikes in the woods or through town, and participating in other regional llama and alpaca shows.

Here are some members enjoying an afternoon hike on the back of our farm.

4-H Clube takes a hike on the back of the farm.

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